5 best vacation destinations in South Africa

Ever considered taking a trip to Africa, or more precisely South Africa? Well, I must tell you that you are really missing out on a lot of amazing things and an overall wonderful travel experience. These amazing things you would get to witness and experience if you visited South Africa include: wonderful beaches, great weather, beautiful scenery, fabulous cuisine, etc. you also don’t have to worry staying in a place that doesn’t quite suit your taste as the country has modern housings and lodgings in abundance. You are bound to get one that you like, no matter how sophisticated you are.

In addition, to the above, you also get to witness lots of daring adventures such as going on a dive alongside great white sharks and going on a safari to see some of the numerous animals, domestic and wild, the country is blessed with.

All these said, below are the 5 of the best destinations to go vacationing in South Africa:

  1. Johannesburg

Johannesburg or Jo’burg as the city that so happens to be the economic heart of the entire continent is famously called. Johannesburg is the place where most people use to gain entry into the country, probably because history says the city is where fortunes are found and money made.

Although the city is seen by outsiders to be a hub for crime and a generally cruel place, locals have come out to defend their beloved city and claim it to rather be a city of raw energy and opportunity.

A visit to Johannesburg is going to be an unforgettable experience. One place you don’t want to miss visiting is the Soweto Township.


  1. Kruger National Park

Acting as a border between the countries Mozambique and Zimbabwe, the Kruger National Park is known for the dense population of animals in the area. The park also wonderful roads that make for the perfect driving experience.

The Kruger National Park is said to be the “Jewel of South Africa’s extensive park system” and you can be rest assured you are going to have the time of your life at this destination.


  1. Cape Town

Situated in the Western Cape region of South Africa, Cape Town is arguably the most famous destination for tourists in the whole of the Africa continent. The city boasts a great climate, well-constructed modern infrastructures, and a remarkable natural setting among other things.

Cape Town is home to lots of beaches, valleys, hills, and lots of other attractions that will make your visit a delightful one.


  1. Cape Winelands

Situated in the northeast part of Cape Town and home to numerous river valleys, the Cape Winelands boasts top notch restaurants, magnificent hotels, and elite and fashionable boutiques. An vacation at this destination in South Africa is a vacation that would make you smile by merely reminiscing it.


  1. Addo Elephant National Park

The Addo Elephant National Park which happens to be one of the larger parks in the country is well known for being home to a population of elephants who have a distinct brownish colour that is a result of the reddish colour of the soil.

Situated in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa, the park also has other animals that can be seen asides the elephants such as warthogs, antelopes, and ostriches. In 2004, a group of spotted hyenas and lions were introduced to the park as part of the park’s expansion.

Visit the Addo Elephant National Park to see these wonderful animals and experience other things the park has to offer.


What are you waiting for? Get your backpack ready and begin your adventure to these vacation destinations in South Africa to have wonderful experiences and stories you can go home to tell your loved ones.

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